Tile & Stone Imports

The Tile & Stone Imports is one of the area’s largest natural stone importers with access to a wide variety of specialty stone and flooring material.   Across the globe, stone develops with a rainbow of different hues, shades and properties as a result of unique geological formations.  The Tile & Stone Gallery would be remiss to limit clients to the same few vendors as every box store.  Through Tile & Stone Imports we offer access to the expanded library of a variety of international sources.

French and European Limestone Hausmann

France has been a source of limestone since the time of the Roman Empire, and the country produces some of the finest stone in the world. We carry a deep catalog of France limestone including: Beaumaniere, Beauharnais, Corton, Hauteville, and Pompignan among others.  But we also source and sell a number of other European varieties including Fontainebleau from Portugal, Bateig blue from Spain, and Pistache from Turkey.

Chinese Stone ImportsChineseQuarry

The Tile & Stone Imports takes advantage of China’s extensive geological wealth with access to sandstone, limestone, and granite from eleven different quarries, each providing a portfolio of stunning options. Our buyers are also dedicated to acquiring other sources of Chinese stone, scouring the market to expand our eastern portfolio.

The Tile & Stone Imports is known for sourcing high quality natural stone slabs, tiles and handcrafted mosaics worldwide. See below for a taste of our selection.