Product Spotlight: ARTO Brick Line

When it comes to custom designing the hard surfaces throughout your home, we take “custom” very seriously.

And our ARTO Brick Line is the definition of custom!

Today, we’re highlighting these handmade tiles that are made in Los Angeles from locally sourced materials and sold around the world. 

What Are ARTO Bricks? 

ARTO is well known for making rustic and elegantly handmade ceramic and concrete tiles. These products are made to order and come in a wide range of styles to fit any interior or exterior design style. We know that these tiles will add the perfect touch of rustic elegance to any design.

ARTO pieces are incredibly durable and a breeze to clean; these pieces can also be used both indoors and outdoors. ARTO offers a wide versatility of textures that can be used to create completely unique patterns to fit your design taste. 

What Options are Available in ARTO Bricks?

ARTO offers smooth, limestone, travertine, and luna finishes for your unique tiles.

Since each piece is handmade, no two tiles look alike! These variations allow you to incorporate different colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and finishes into your home’s hard surfaces.

Tile collection includes - Artillo, cement tile, studio field, Italian porcelain, Monrovia, Oleson, super Artillo, roman tile, roman pavers, California pavers, and more! 

These tiles also provide a variety of edges including pillowed, irregular, and crisp. These one-of-a-kind concrete tiles make for the perfect interior design statements throughout your home’s hard surfaces.

Where Can You Get ARTO Bricks? 

At The Tile & Stone Gallery, we’re here to assist builders, designers, and homeowners select hard surfaces to meet every aesthetic and budget, providing both functionality and beauty. 

ARTO has been providing products to satisfy any interior design taste since 1966! Stop by our showroom in De Pere today to see our ARTO products in person. Our carefully curated space is ready to inspire you with a treasure trove of colors, patterns, and finishes. Stop by at your convenience!

Timeless Tile vs. Trendy Tile: Which is Better?

When building and renovating homes, there comes a time when every builder or homeowner needs to make tile decisions. Tile offers both style and function in endless varieties… which can make your decision difficult!

One question we often get is “what’s trendy and what’s timeless?” when it comes to tile styles. And it’s a great question! After working with tile for over 25 years, our team has seen timeless tile styles that never go out of style and trendy tile styles that may come and go. Let’s break down these different tile styles and discover which is a perfect fit for your home!

Timeless Tile Style

Timeless tiles withstand the test of time, making them the perfect tile style selection for home resales and economic value. 

Some tile styles that never go out of style include light subway tile, black slate tile, calcutta marble, and white hexagon tile. These tile options can also be easier on the wallet because the timeless style will never need to be replaced in order to keep up with trends. 

Keep in mind that if you are planning to sell your home someday, timeless tile makes the resale of a home easier as the tile style is widely admired by homeowners of all interior design tastes. 

If a home resale is in your future or you're looking for a more budget-friendly tile style, timeless tile is the perfect selection for your home!

Trendy Tile Style

Tile is an element that allows personal taste to be introduced to a home, so this is where trendy tile styles come into play! 

There are a wide variety of trendy tile styles, including bright, patterned, and bold accent tiles. While trendy tile is fun and playful, it risks becoming dated. If you are ready to experiment with trendy tile designs, accent tile can be a budget-friendly option to incorporate interesting tile without committing to a complete hard surface overhaul. If you love a fresh tile trend, keep in mind that you may need to keep room in your budget to replace the tile if the style one day no longer fits your taste. 

While trendy tile always risks becoming dated, accent tile is a certain way to bring playful elements into your home that add character and unique touch! 

The Tile & Stone Gallery team is happy to provide our professional input when it comes time to pick your tile. Our De Pere showroom is filled with a treasure trove of tile options that our experienced team is ready to walk you through during a one-on-one consultation to help you find the perfect fit for your new build or renovation. Stop by, today!