Everyone knows the look and feel of real wood flooring.  Beautiful hardwood floors can last for a lifetime and beyond.  It isn’t exceptional to see a properly maintained hardwood floor last over a hundred years.  Beaten up or out of style wood can be nursed back to life with the application of a sander and a few coats of varnish.  And with a proper finish most spills and stains should wipe away.

Hardwood can come in a combination of varieties and finishes to fit any project’s style and budget.  Our house design staff can help you sort through the possibilities and find a beautiful set of choices for your project space.  We also offer a selection of reclaimed barn wood, so you can be style conscious and environmentally conscious at the same time.

However, hardwood might not be right for every installation. For one, wood tends to soak up moisture.  For this reason bathrooms and sometimes kitchens can be risky propositions for hardwood surfaces.  Similarly, hardwood is not resistant to heat or physical damage.

For applications where the look of hardwood is desired, but the material is not suitable to the task, consider Luxury Vinyl Planks, honed limestone floor, or porcelain tile wood planks.  Luxury Vinyl Planks are manufactured to carefully mimic a variety of woods, and offer an economical option with excellent stain and liquid resistance. Alternatively, honed limestone is an elegant natural substitute for wood surfaces.  Limestone is laid down in layers, and as a result, natural limestone can be purchased with a variety of grain effects and with a finish very similar to wood.