Luxury Vinyl Planks

luxury vinyl planksLuxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) are a relatively new development in the flooring market. These are multilayered planks that carefully imitate the look of real wood using exact photographic replication and carefully patterned textures.

Luxury Vinyl Planks also have many of the advantages of traditional vinyl. They feel soft on the feet and are quiet to walk on, without the clicking sound typical of competing laminates. LVP shrugs off water and stains, and can be very easy to install. Many LVP are built to lock together, and they can often be floated or are self-gluing when applied over an appropriate subfloor.  LVP are also typically durable, although this is determined by the thickness of their upper top layer.  The highest quality LVP have thick wear layers, up to 40 mil deep in some products.  Anything north of 20 mil is suitable for standard commercial grade installation, while lower mil products can be used in lighter traffic areas.  Vinyl products, including Luxury Vinyl Planks, are still sensitive to heat and UV radiation.  They will melt and discolor with sufficient exposure to heat, and sunlight can bleach the material over time.  However, some varieties of LVP are available with protective UV coatings.

Installation and plank prices tend to fall between traditional vinyl sheeting and hardwood, depending on the quality of the material.  Luxury Vinyl Planks can offer the look of wood, with a set of strengths to take it places where hardwood might not make sense.