Ceramic tile is a versatile solution to many design problems.  Ceramic is easy to clean, produced in a variety of colors, and is able to realistically mimic many natural surfaces.  Ceramic has excellent fire resistance and feels cool on the feet. It tends to be priced above carpet but beneath hardwood and natural stone.  Ceramic acts as an affordable alternative to pricier flooring options, but it is still a step above vinyls and carpeting.

While older glazed ceramic can be slippery, especially when wet, many newer tiles have a textured finish to prevent this problem. Ceramic tiles come in a range of hardnesses.  Anything rated 3 and above should be suitable for residential flooring.  Ceramic tile is a beautiful option for walls, floors and countertops that can last for the life of the house.

Ceramic does have a few downsides.  It can be hard on the feet and like all hard surfaces tends to amplify sound in a room.  Both of these are mitigated by a few strategically placed rugs.  Ceramic can chip or scratch, in which case the differing color of the interior tile will be revealed. Ceramic may also be unable to offer quite the design option you are looking for.  In that case we suggest you look at our luxurious stone and hardwood options.