Decorative Metal

Metal tends to be one of the most durable available materials: indifferent to heat and hard wearing; either impervious to stains or meant to gain a patina and character.  It is also both non-porous and somewhat antimicrobial.  And stainless steel does not even oxidize.

Metal tends to be one of the most valued options for commercial working surfaces, combining strength and beauty in one package.  However, metal accents are also a viable option for decorative purposes.  Decorative metal is at equally at home in classic or modern settings, and can make a great centerpiece or subtle statement.

Decorative metal tiling is a great way to add a touch of modernity to a room.  But metal has more flexibility than most people might think.  Copper and zinc tiles are both popular options, and each will naturally gain a rich patina of oxidization, featuring a variety of colors in a visual “memory.”