Handmade Glass

G162670_107806042624668_2001399_nlass tile might seem like a relatively recent addition to the decorator’s arsenal, but the tradition of using small colored smalti tiles dates back to the palaces and temples of the Byzantine empire.  Our handmade glass hearkens back to this tradition, but today glass decoration is available to everyone

Glass is one the brightest most reflective elements available and it can increase the apparent size of a room or lighten up a dark space.  It adds a flash of color or beauty to a room and can be chosen to make a statement, or flow subtly along with the other elements in a space.  The material tends to be low maintenance, and it can be surprisingly strong once properly installed.

However glass does have its drawbacks.  It can be slippery when wet without specific finishes or surfacing treatments.  Glass is somewhat fragile, and can crack when laid on an uneven surface.  While it is easy to clean, the highly reflective surface tends to highlight any dust or grime. And glass can be around twice as expensive per square foot than ceramic.

This being said, it is impossible to beat the brilliance glass provides to a room.  A glass floor or accent piece can surprise visitors, and properly treated, glass should last a lifetime. Consider whether glass might be right for your home design project.