Porcelain tile is a type of heavy duty ceramic originally developed for industrial and commercial uses.  It tends to posses a hardness and resistance to liquids above traditional ceramic tile.  Porcelain is available in a wide range of colors and designs and can realistically imitate natural surfaces without requiring the associated upkeep.  Porcelain tile can also add to property values and tends to be even more maintenance free than ceramic.

However, porcelain tile is typically more expensive than traditional ceramic and its durability may be excessive for residential applications.  Porcelain can still chip under sharp impacts, and like ceramic, it will reveal a differently colored underlayer.

Porcelain tends to be suitable for almost any sort of application indoor or out.  The only issue is price, but it is often possible to find a suitable ceramic substitute if this becomes problematic.  Conversely, if porcelain seems too artificial, or simply does not suit the style necessary for your intended design, feel free to consider one of our other materials.